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The Commons Chelsea

  1. Chelsea
  2. 128 7th Ave
  3. Partner: Sam

"We made coffee in the dark from a gas stove"

We lost all of our inventory. Everything in the basement had to go. We are close enough inland that luckily we didn't flood, but we had no power all week. We made the best of it though. We opened up our screen window in the front from Wednesday through Friday last week and had a mini bake sale, with goods purchased in areas that had power. We made coffee in the dark from the gas stove that still worked. People really wanted the coffee.

It's most important to help the people that really need help. People who don't have power, who lost family, shelter and have experienced the worst of this storm. Next, the restaurant industry could really use New Yorkers' business. People who rely on hourly wages lost a full week of pay. With the inventory that was lost across the city and the lost wages, we need New Yorkers to get out there and frequent our restaurants and coffee shops.