Eat Down. Tip Up.

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The Malt House

  1. Greenwich Village
  2. 206 Thompson Street
  3. Owner: Darren

"We're a brand new business... so we're struggling anyway"

Loss of revenue is what affected us most. There are two big weeks in the year: St Paddy's Day and Halloween. We lost the biggest revenue week of the year without question. I can't really put a figure on it—but A LOT!

Also, We are a brand new business—we've only been open ten weeks--so we are struggling anyway. We lost all of our food stock; we are still don't fully know the impact, but it's roughly $3,000.

Come and have a good time. Just get back to normal; that's the main thing. We are hoping Bloomberg is going to do another Halloween. That would be cool! The city needs a bit of spirit. New Yorker's resilience will come through.