Eat Down. Tip Up.

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Northern Spy Food Co.

  1. East Village
  2. 511 E. 12 St.
  3. Manager: Ilissa

"We held a soup kitchen in the street"

Thankfully we didn't take on any water, but we lost all of our inventory - our proteins, veggies, everything. We lost things that you wouldn't even think about. We lost our foods that had been marinating or pickling for three to four days.

Right after the hurricane, when the power was out, our chefs made it to our restaurant (some biking from Williamsburg) to cook in the dark for the neighborhood. We held a soup kitchen on the street.

New Yorkers can really help by just dropping in and saying "hi." We just need support from the neighborhood. During the storm, we were waiting here doing anything would could to be back serving. Stop by and eat!