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Parkside Lounge

  1. East Village
  2. 317 E Houston
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"We used our bar as a staging station for donations"

Like the other businesses in the area, we didn't get power back for a week. On top of that, we had our ATM stolen, an awning blown off, and the the loss of our busiest week of the year. Our beer was skunked and we had to throw away all of our food. Our employees lost a week of work.... I could go on and on. On Saturday, the day after power returned, we used our bar as a staging station for donations and one of our employees drove supplies to and from relief areas. We opened Saturday night and had our regulars really happy to be back with us. We were just as happy as they were and are hoping that people continue to come out and help us make up for lost time. This bar has been here since 1908.