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Taquiera LES

  1. Lower East Side
  2. 198 Orchard St

"Totally flooded from floor to ceiling"

We have two locations--one here and one in Jersey City. The Jersey City location totally flooded from floor to ceiling, and the owners actually live above that location. We had to throw out all the food we had in the back. On Sunday we came in and cleaned out the whole kitchen.

We just want New Yorkers to come in and support us! Lots of regulars came in and tipped well today. Any business is greatly appreciated. Locals were asking us when we were going to reopen--they were having taco withdrawals. We were going to open Tuesday but realized that we were capable of opening Monday; it was actually a really good day considering it was a Monday and post-hurricane. Spread the word! It's a good time to come in--everything is super fresh and just off the truck!