Eat Down. Tip Up.

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The Cardinal

  1. East Village
  2. 243 East 4th Street
  3. Owners: Leanne and Curtis

"We prepared spaghetti meals (in the dark!) for the local community"

We lost $1-2k of food and supply inventory. All of our food in our fridge and freezers were gone. We weren’t open from Monday-Friday this past week, so we lost the revenue and tips from business being closed. To get back up and running, one of our workers stayed overnight to prep the kitchen and restaurant for Saturday morning business. Zip cars aren’t available, so it’s been difficult to restock supplies. We traveled uptown to buy supplies at regular prices, not at wholesale prices.

We want to make sure that our neighborhood is safe and well-fed. On Thursday we prepared spaghetti meals (in the dark!) for the local community. There is a lot of need, so the meal went quickly. We need neighbors to come out and support us and local restaurants. We are 100% supportive of what Eat Down Tip Up is doing to rejuvenate business downtown.