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  1. West Village
  2. 7 Cornelia Street
  3. General Manager: Kathy

"My Employees lost 7 days of work due to Sandy"

To start thank you for your support in the awareness of NYC businesses that have suffered recently. My concerns are the same as many other restaurants - that my employees, most of whom live paycheck to paycheck, are taken care of. My Employees lost 7 days of work due to Sandy. First because the transit system went down, and then because we lost electricity in the West Village. While we might be able to get insurance claims on the food we lost due to the power failure, insurance does not cover employees in these types of circumstances.

We are coming back strong here at WONG. While we are unable to get many food items due to the storms destruction, we are still making our way to the farmers market to put together what is almost a whole new menu just to be able to work, serve, and take care of others who want to be out and about after several days of being cooped up in their apartments. Its touching really, guests are thanking us for being open at this time. But we are grateful for people who are out right now, supporting the small business, taking care of each other in a different way you could say.